Forex brokers earn money by helping clients to make foreign exchange investments. The broker’s main income is based on the percentage of the commission paid by each customer after each transaction is successfully paid, So the client’s money is the lifeline of the broker. Only when the continuous flow of client funds comes, the broker can get rich rewards. It is unrealistic and dangerous to imagine that it is only of a customer in long-term period.

The work of forex brokers generally is divided into two categories: One is to find new customers and recommend foreign exchange investments to suitable investors through visits; Another type of work is to analyze the market, predict trends, and help clients develop a reasonable trading strategy. These two tasks are interdependent and indivisible, Because forex brokers’ perfect forecast level can’t be reflected in the market without the right customers. There are also suitable customers without good analysis and forecasting levels. The customer’s funds cannot be added or even lost. Customers will lose soon. Although the two jobs are separate in some companies agents , the majority of brokers are one. So the job of the broker is meticulous and trivial.

Forex broker sales process and steps

  1. Understanding of the order of foreign exchange sales activities

For the broker, it is clear that each step in the sales process is the most solid basic skill for success. Sales are not very mysterious, it has its own process, Organize every step of the work and understand that the rational sequence of each step of the work can make the work more efficient.

All the steps in the sales process are combined in sequential order, The agent must grasp his or her position during the explanation process, so that interference from the target customer can also be controlled during the conversation. Even if the customer does not accept it, the broker can self-examine afterwards for the next change.

  1. Structure of the sales process in Sales process

It contains a series of steps that include from no interest in the purchase of the buyer to satisfaction with the purchased item. Its main structure has the following processes:

  • Make customers dissatisfied with the status quo. Satisfying the status quo is not a prerequisite for sales. The basic function of sales is to quickly and accurately mine each others’ needs.
  • There are three main reasons for dissatisfaction, or feelings, or fear, or self-esteem and desire. Dissatisfaction and lack of awareness will not directly promote an important purchase.Therefore, it must be strengthened into an emotional demand.
  • Emotional demand is a kind of motivation. It is not from the outside, but mainly from the inside.So you need to make customers interested in what they buy.
  • After the interest is caused, the wish will not be automatically generated.The only way to generate aspiration is to make the customer’s heart cause fluctuations by strengthening the feelings, this will make customer feel like it is lacking.
  • The emergence of emotional needs often causes customers to stop suddenly,because being controlled by emotions will regret your later actions.At this time, the outside world needs his self-verification to prove that his choice is correct and sensible.

The above five sales processes are the sales process of general merchandise. There are also these five processes in the process of developing foreign exchange customers, but the focus of some links will change. In the invisible sales process of foreign exchange, customers will make many rejection opinions, these opinions need to be more carefully identified, and some opinions are only made by customers to cover up their ignorance. Moreover, the greater the prospective customer opinion, the more he is interested in foreign exchange investment, because there are doubts when thinking.

  1. Sales introduction skills
  • the power of listening

In the process of communicating with customers, it is not said that the broker must continually publish a macro theory, but should grasp the timing of his own speech. When you take the topic away, you should prompt the client to say more, keep the habit of listening, and let the customer think about expressing their opinions. The client will reveal his true thoughts when he speaks, which will make the interview more effective. And the psychology of the average person is like to be self-centered. The agent’s expression of listening carefully is also easier to get the other person’s goodwill, and is more able to communicate in the emotional.

  • Seize the signing opportunity

The purpose of the interview is to sign the contract. Unless the broker succeeds in facilitating the signing, any results during the meeting are void. So the broker is ready to make a deal anytime and anywhere in the conversation. From the beginning to the end of the meeting, the broker must seize the opportunity and pay attention to any signs that may lead to the signing. For example, the customer suddenly interjected such questions, “How much do I need to invest?” What procedures do I have to do?” These are good opportunities to sign up, At this time, it is necessary to take out the company’s professional contract and try to sign the contract. If it is not successful, you can continue to explain other content. Constantly trying to urge customers to sign up, no matter how many times he says “no”, the broker only needs to get a “yes”.