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social problem

social problem

We have the ability to see the best of all of you,

But we still need to look at your progress objectively.

We can determine the overall frequency of human collective consciousness,

We did see the progress of each day.

You must be moving in the right direction.

Now, people around you,

Even if they don’t show you their best side,

Many of you can also see their advantages,

This is an admirable trait.

There is a range in the frequency of human collective consciousness,

a high level of this frequency range,

Will bring you closer to a complete fifth dimension experience,

You will find yourself living a good life.

In the lower level of the current frequency range,

You will find yourself living a different life,

A life that is not pleasant at all.

So this is where your ability to focus is.

Your mind tells you,

When you are in a lower frequency range,

You have to solve the problem of survival.

You have to get there,

Soil your hands,

Do work that helps humans.

Of course, consciousness is helpful,

When you focus on a social problem,

That’s because you have some treatments to do.

Not because someone told you to solve the problem.

and so,

Let your consciousness be triggered by what is happening in the world,

But you have to know,

It is your own that is triggered.

Once you feel what you need to feel,

You will have more opportunities to enter the high level of the current human collective frequency range.

You can do many good things for humans from this lofty position.

You don’t have to ignore or deny low-frequency experiences that still exist in the high-frequency range.

You can have this awareness,

Do what you need to do,

Then by raising your vibration to the best state, you can do,

Be part of the solution.